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Tuffet Footstool Class with Zoe

Saturday 9-4, Sunday 10-2
Dates: 24th and 25th August OR 28th and 29th September.
Cost: $80 plus $195 for hardware kit.

Tuffet Hardware Kit includes:

  • upholstery foam

  • plywood circle

  • feet and bolts

  • upholstery weight thread and fabrics for the base

  • other essential tools for your completed product.

Doesn't everyone want to have their own personal tuffet, hand-made in the fabric of their choice? Your uplifted feet will be the envy of all your visitors when they're elegantly elevated on a gorgeous tuffet as you can proudly declare, “I made it myself you know!” The first day will be spent piecing the fabric together, and then handsome Steve, the upholstery wizard, will be in on Sunday to assist with the final assembly.