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Pauline Forrest

Owner/ Manager 9 ½ Years

I have always loved craft work, especially sewing and knitting and after doing a beginner’s patchwork class 20 or so years ago I was totally ‘smitten’ with patchwork.

When the business came on the market I jumped at the opportunity to buy it, and leave my nursing career. It is a decision I have not regretted. We have a lovely big shop, and each day is full of inspiration from our customers.



Carol Maxwell

Carol has been with Quilters Quarters for 18months. On leaving school she worked for Bernina, where her love of craft started. Returning to the sewing world after many years working at Rangiora Pharmacy, she has found that a lot has changed over the years. “I’m still really enjoying learning from the ladies I work with and the customers that come in. It is a fantastic environment to be part of.”



Lynn Stringer

Lynn has been with Quilters Quarters for 7 years. She previously worked at Rangiora High Nursery School for 35 years where she enjoyed the crafty side of working with the children. “I have always been interested in craft, knitting, quilting and sewing. I enjoy meeting people and watching their progress with their projects.”



Raewyn Williams

I have enjoyed working at Quilters Quarters since April 2017. You are likely  to find me in store Mondays, Fridays and some Saturdays.

Quilting, creative sewing and handcrafts are my passion, I am constantly inspired by the different classes we offer and from the amazing creations customers bring in.

I love working with the different fabrics and the haberdashery.

Quilters Quarters is my little ray of sunshine.



Verina Thirlwell

I have always had a love of fibre crafts and have been making quilts for more than 40 years. I also love to knit and in the past I have designed and made wedding dresses.

Nowadays I am working full time in my quilting studio at Springbank,  converting quilt tops, made by clever ladies, into quilts. It is amazing how the texture of quilting can change a 'flimsy' into a work of art.

The other love in my life is my family, husband, sons, daughters in law and 5 grandchildren. Time spent with family is time well spent.

My ethos for teaching and passing on my skills is that you should really enjoy what you are doing and have fun.  If it is a chore to be done and the enthusiasm is not there, the result will relay that emotion. Try something new, and start small, an easily managed project can soon be enlarged into a fabulous family heirloom. 



Mel McMillan

Coming soon



Zoë Barber

Having moved to New Zealand from the UK in 2015 to be near my family, I decided that I wanted the next chapter of life to be more focused on being creative. I have always sewn, crocheted and ‘made stuff’ and have been encouraged by the lovely staff at Quilters Quarters, to teach some workshops.

I have joined forces with my Upholsterer husband Stephen to help create Tuffet footstools, through weekend workshops. I love to hand sew EPP and patchwork, have a button obsession and am passionate about colour.



Cathy Watson

I have been sewing and generally crafting since my Grandmother taught me to knit at age 4. At 8 I got to sew on her treadle machine. By 10 I was allowed to use my Mother’s electric sewing machine to make dolls clothes and by 16 I was sewing all my own clothes. I always had scrapbooks full of pictures and ideas of things I’d like to make and nowadays I have a huge collection of inspiration on Pinterest.

Although for the past few years I have been involved with lots of paper crafting (teaching scrapbooking and mixed media art) I still have a huge love of fabric and sewing. I’m pleased that the art of sewing and all general crafts seem to be having a resurgence in popularity as I think it’s important to keep these skills alive, to encourage women to get back into or increase their knowledge of all these crafts and to pass them on to the next generation.